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All American Barns is a family owned company started by Steve Hall in May, 2001. Steve is a veteran of the Air force and served from 1964 to 1968 as a Russian language specialist. As many of you know being in the service and wearing a uniform during the Vietnam War had its difficulties. Choosing All American as his business name was a reflection of his lifelong patriotism, and, of course after 9-11-2001, flag waving and patriotism became popular again.

So, we at All American Barns are a patriotic and civic minded bunch. We, of course, have to make a living, and so sell buildings, metal siding, garage doors, steel man doors and the like, but we pride ourselves on being good neighbors. Whether or not a sale is involved we will gladly help anybody who might need advice, design help, property measurements, repairs, easement questions, and the like.

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 Owned and Operated by a Disabled Veteran!